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          Ricky Argenbright was born in September 1986 in southern California. Ever since he was a young child, he has pursued his imagination through various forms of expression. Sometimes he was coloring every inch of a coloring book from cover to cover, or compiling the game design document for the next greatest motocross game for the Nintendo 64. Other times, he found himself recreating the entire layout of the San Diego Zoo with popsicle sticks for his Hot Wheels cars or drafting a letter to Nintendo, suggesting that their creative department could benefit from his expansive imagination. [Yes, these things happened, and all before seventh grade! And he got a reply back from Nintendo saying they would love to!]

          As he grew into a young adult, Ricky discovered different creative passions that required even more commitment. Art had expanded into pieces of precision far beyond the confines of thick coloring book lines. Music began to make a presence in his life through a voice tape recorder that he used to record live radio, essentially producing the hottest portable music collection in his elementary school. [And the only one who had portable music at all during that time.] He used the earnings from his very first job to buy a drum kit and joined a local band. Even reading books became slightly more intriguing. [It still never made it to the top of his list of hobbies, even with the help of his mother’s mandatory summer reading requirements.]

          Ricky’s pursuits were pushed to the limits once more when he reached high school. The world grew a little larger, and he discovered that the opportunities did as well. Joining the award-winning band program of his high school gave him the opportunity to learn the essence of music through a passionate and experienced drumline. Exposure to his grandfather’s ancient VHS camcorder allowed him to co-produce a limited series of skating videos with his friends. He even created a studious lesson plan from scratch to further his younger brother’s education! [Let it be known that he attended class faithfully without threat of a noogie!] He also eagerly welcomed the idea of a job, as it funded his passions and allowed him a level of independence.

          Above all else though, Ricky soon realized that his education was most important. He understood the impact that educated intelligence in the form of a grade point average would have on his future pursuits, no matter what he chose. Therefore, his focus remained on his mandatory education as he prepared himself for voluntary education afterward. The idea of continued education always appealed to him, but he had trouble figuring out exactly what it was he wanted. Traits like his ever-evolving imagination, paranoid attention to detail, the benefit of extreme organization in every sense of the word, the desire to produce and the sheer will to succeed melded to create a volatile concoction that simply awaited the right application. Although, it helped very little with trying to discover the core purpose for having an efficient repertoire of creative power.

          After high school in June of 2005, the temptation of joining a drum corps dangled in front of him. However, his overly-analytical mind had other plans for him and convinced him to change course towards a reputable career path. To get started, he attended ITT Technical Institute in pursuit of a degree in Architectural Drafting and Design. It was a logically stable alternative to the creative passions where his heart truly found comfort. As with many choices that go against the grain, he found that he was not satisfied. He was going to need to dig deep within himself to discover what it was he was missing. So, he corrupted his own plans in favor of another type of stability, and decided to join the military.

          Joining the United States Air Force in November of 2007, Ricky bought himself valuable time to do just that. The minimum contract required to serve is four years, and he enlisted for six. His inclination for honor and a desire to be something greater than himself helped stay his confusion with desired careers. Serving his country, earning an independent living and falling into the endless chasm of World of Warcraft would become him while he decided what to do. By the time six years was over, he’d hope to understand himself more and possibly have a solution to the puzzle.

          Given the time to consider his options, Ricky had found himself growing attached to art once again. He decided to enroll in Full Sail University to pursue a degree in Game Art. He thoroughly enjoyed breaking out into the creative world once again. Unfortunately, it came to a halt quickly when his military duties demanded more time than he had available. His assignments suffered, and he was forced to leave the program to uphold his contract.

          About halfway through his military term, Ricky used money from a deployment to purchase a set of drums that he had wanted since his younger years. All of his free time soon became consumed with the progression he demanded of himself to better his craft. A local band had been searching for a drummer, and he passed the audition that he’d unknowingly prepared for. After playing together for three years, their combined drive to succeed had mapped out an exciting career path ahead of them. His desire once again conquered all logic and he relinquished stability for creativity.

          Upon leaving the military in November of 2013, the band became Ricky’s choice career. The collective six years had taught him that he wanted to be creative more than anything else. Together, the members of the band wrote original music, played live shows, and even recorded a full-length album. It was another chance for him to live the life he truly sought. When a devastating turn of events caused the band to split up, he headed back to the workforce. His imagination needed to take a undesired hiatus while he settled into the life of stability once more. Living without a creative outlet was difficult for Ricky. After having tried a number of avenues, he thought that he would never find a way to quell the font of imagination.

          One evening in October of 2016, after a brief life analysis with his brother, he decided to pick up his laptop and write a few words. It felt great. He had always been a natural with English principles, essays and research projects in school, but had not thought much about it. After an hour or so, he stared at a pair of paragraphs. It was difficult to comprehend, but it had done the job that a number of other mediums could not. And the opening scene to his first novel was drafted.

          Writing opened up a portal to a new side of creativity for Ricky. He began to realize just how much he loved reading, and at the same time, putting his own thoughts through the keyboard. Aligning with his natural adoration of the fantastic, he quickly adopted fantasy and science fiction as his genres of choice. He began to scour the internet for more information - the methods behind writing, master authors of their genres, anything that he could learn about this new idea. As the opportunities present themselves, he applies what he learns to all applicable aspects of his approach to writing.

          Guided by a number of recommendations from trusted friends, Ricky began to follow the likes of J.R.R Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Christie Golden and R.A. Salvatore. These authors and their works have provided consistent inspiration and motivation to utilize his own creativity. He has developed into an avid reader, enjoying the places he is carried away to, the minds of the characters he discovers there, and the events they deal with. His adventures constantly drive him to progress and improve.

          Working as a technician at Rockwell Collins keeps Ricky busy during the day, but his evenings and weekends are now booked with an entirely new venture. Writing fulfills him more than any other creative avenue had before. With each passing day, the words pour from his mind, filling the pages of his upcoming books. He has finally found the work that he was meant to do, and he hopes to eventually transform it into a full-time career.

          In April of 2018 he began blogging on Medium to put down his thoughts on positivity and self-improvement. He also maintains a page for works of fiction, including a series of fictional character brawls, brochures for fantasy locales, and alternative storylines to famous fictional works. To date, he has yet to publish an original work, but he is working furiously to get his first project into the hands of readers everywhere. Look for the first sample of his writing soon, an original short story to be published on Medium!



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