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Book Reveal! Myla and the Rainy Day Octopus!

The time has come to share a few more details about the upcoming children's book, Myla and the Rainy Day Octopus!

This will be my first book reveal since the discrete reveal of the Enlightenment Archive back in May, and I am proud to say that it is coming along nicely. Our noses have been kept to the grindstone for many moons (and there is more of that to come) but we wanted to give you the teaser we promised for reaching 100% on the outline. Here it is, before your very eyes!

I will be adding a few more pieces of artwork to the new Artwork section of the site as the book progresses. More detailed information and an overhauled feature page for the book can be found in the updated Library section.

For now, we are glad to have finally revealed the title and a page from the book to you. Keep checking back for more updates on the ongoing projects. I should get back to writing now. Ta ta!

Be sure to check out the illustrator's website at https://www.beverlyholtzem.com/

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