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Enlightenment Book One Teaser!

As promised, I have reached my goal of hitting 50% on the first draft! ("Yay! Alright! Congrats! Way to go!", the reader said.) As a little reward, I have revealed some details about the overview of the book. I know, it isn't much at all. I still have the desire to keep this one close to the chest.

Below, I have listed these minor details. You can be upset if you want, but the wait should be worth it in the end when you get to read the good stuff:

- It is an epic fantasy set in a world where the elements bend to the power of light.

- The magic in this first book is mainly focused on the following elements: wind, water and ice.

- This series closely follows the stories of the heroes as well as the villains.

And that is that. This is where we part ways, so that I can finish it so that I don't hear cyber yelling for the next 45% of the draft... Ta ta!

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