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Fall Newsletter | 2019

The colorful leaves are beginning to fall, everywhere but here!

Greetings again, my friends!

Can I share something with you? Since my move back to southern California, I have to say that life has been very encouraging and extremely productive. I made a huge change by moving that threw a proverbial lead pencil (since writers typically don’t use wrenches) into the process of trying to get these books done. I’m ecstatic to let you know that my methods and schedule have smoothed out after emerging from the other side of this and allowing things to settle down. There isn’t a word count comparison to reference since most of you know that I’m editing and not drafting, but aside from the other projects that are holding my attention I am profoundly pleased with how things are going.

As I’ve written to you all recently through the writing recap for 2018 and relayed many of my near-future plans, I’m going to make this one short and sweet so you can get back to rejoicing the return of your pumpkin spice latte.

We’ve reached the end of the very first read of my very first book ever in the history of me writing stuff! Huzzah! The commentaries I’ve received so far have been both helpful and inspiring. I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time out of your busy schedules in order to dedicate some time to my world and travel with the characters as they faced their flow of numerous challenges. It’s yet another step closer to seeing the world of Dolrithor come to life for the rest of our world to see.

Thank you!

If I had the power to promote you all to Master of your favorite light tribe, I would do so! Unfortunately, there is more to the process than that. It’s a safe bet to not expect anything on that front.

For those who didn’t get a chance to read it and are interested in being a part of the preliminary team of readers, feel free to contact me. Books 2 and 3 of the Luminous Archive are coming up for read soon. The best way to get involved with this multi-faceted creation is to express your desire and start with Book 1. Unless you’re the type who likes to start a long series in the middle, in which case I would give you a concerned look and probably think that you’re weird and also sort of interesting.

Book 3 is about halfway done as far as editing goes, and I’m SO excited to be done with it! I find that I do enjoy both the drafting and editing sides of writing, but I’ve had to edit three books in a row now. Everyone has their limits… Can’t wait to start the next book!

Which reminds me… Knowing absolutely nothing of the contents of Books 1–3 of the Luminous Archive, would you want to see Book 4 or the first in a new series that I’ve dubbed ‘secret project’? It’s a difficult question to ask considering there’s an absence of bias for Luminous Archive due to a lack of anyone being able to read it. I’m torn between the two and have positives and negatives about doing each of them next. Let me know what sounds the most interesting. 

This month I’m finally going to submit that first short story that I told you all about like, 9 months ago. Yes! It’s been maturing like a baby in the womb for long enough that I’m ready to submit! It’s printed and organized and ready to send to Writers of the Future for this quarter. I can’t express the level of fear, anticipation and excitement that I feel right now in just admitting that fact to you. We’ll see what happens!

Thanks for checking in and keeping up with my life as a writer. Whether it’s getting old hearing about writing from an aspiring writer and not an author or not, I appreciate the fact that you have enough interest to see this thing through. In my humble opinion, and I seriously do mean humble, I think that it will be well worth the wait. Throughout the long and enduring process of creating this world and its stories I still find myself overjoyed to explore it and share moments with the inhabitants. Its a work of passion that I hope resonates with someone out there.

See ya’ll later for now. I need to get back to editing so I can start WRITING again.

I thought you might appreciate this picture of some guy writing, something that I should be doing... Bye!

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