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Luminous 1 - On to the Alphas!

I'm sending my first novel off to be evaluated by the alpha readers!



I can hardly believe it. What a concept! It’s been just over a year working on this trilogy and the day has finally arrived. People are going to finally explore the places that I’ve spent a year of my life in!

People who are not me are going to read my story!

Sure, it’s a small group and they’re going to be looking for mistakes, but it’s a process. Everyone has to start somewhere. The fact of the matter is that we’ve done it. The river has carried us through the rapids of creative development and we’ve arrived at an inviting stop on the shore along the way. 

Let’s enjoy it together.

I hope that you do enjoy it. And though I realize most of the people reading this post have not had the chance to read the story yet and probably won’t for some time, my feeling is the same. Whether it falls in your normal genre or has a similar feel to what you usually favor, I hope that by the time you do get to dive into it that it’s a refreshing and lively adventure for you.

With the first one done for now until the alpha reading phase is complete, I’ll be moving on to the second draft of Luminous 2 (tentatively titled, of course). As much as I’ve felt a rush of desire to write another book from scratch (set in a different world), I have so much work left to do on this trilogy that it will be the culmination of my writing production for now. 

Now, that’s not to say I won’t throw down some random things onto Tales Around the Mana Pool or write a short story or two somewhere mixed in, but the bulk of my goal will be to finish this trilogy. 

I know.

Even mentioning short stories when I promised the short story that I’ve already written so long ago is probably hard to think about. ‘Yeah right, he’s been talking about that thing since he first called himself a writer.” I know, I’m with you. 

It’s coming. 

I’ve had a whirlwind of a time getting Luminous 1 to a point so that I can get it to my alphas. Now that I don’t have to think about that book for now, I will get the short story edited and posted. Yes, I will.

I’m really excite about it as well. I think that the magic system is neat, and the main character has some interesting trials she faces in her young life. I want people to read it as much as I want people to read my novels. Adventures are much better with friends! Who would Frodo be without Sam?

Thank you so much for keeping up with the progress. You choosing to take this journey with me means more than I can express. I write because I love it. I’m a storyteller at heart, and I enjoy hearing and reading stories as well. It’s a passion that I’m happy to have discovered about myself. 

But what’s more profound is that there are others who are interested. My motivation is to seek adventure and explore these worlds and details about these characters and places that I’ve met, and then tell you about them. I’m missing a key component in that formula if I don’t tell you. It wouldn’t make sense for me to hoard all of these experiences for myself, now would it? I’d love to give you something to read. It just isn’t time yet.

For now, we’ll need to settle for being happy that I finished an edit. It’s a great accomplishment since I haven’t done it before. We’ll see what the future holds for the next phases after this and I’ll get the thing transformed into paper when the time comes. 

I’m still considering many things after this alpha and polish phase: Whether to get an agent first, send the manuscript out to publishers on my own, or self-publish this series. It’s a lot to think about. As time drifts closer, I’ll keep you informed of what I decide and hopefully have some general timelines. This is a learning experience for me. But, I’m happy to have you along as an adventuring buddy.

~ Ricky

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