• Ricky Argenbright

New Year, New Look!

Another great year has come and gone...

Welcome to 2019! A year of hope, a year of change, a year during which you can expect me to be busy working hard on my projects for you all. In addition to the writing I will be doing, I had noticed a few things about my website that just didn't sit well with me. Often times, I found it difficult to read some of the fonts.

No one likes that sort of frustration.

I strive to make things as enjoyable as possible, and through extreme focus and diligence to the craft, I am working to do so with my writing as well. I cannot wait to share my stories with you!

As we look ahead together at the oncoming challenges that face us in our daily lives, remember not to forget your own goals this year. Forge ahead, and be a better you than in 2018!

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