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Summer Newsletter | 2019

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Enjoy the sand and surf… and an update about my novel series!

Hello again readers!

I greet you from the warmth of the California sun and pray that summer 2019 has been good to you all so far. 

I’d like to begin by saying that I’m excited to share a few new developments with you that have kept me moving forward in my writing progress. Well, new/changed/altered/modified.

Those words are interchangeable, right? Something of the sort that requires updating you. If you share the passion of creativity or entrepreneurship as I do, you know that this is such a comforting feeling. As fun and amazing as passions can be, they are also a great deal of work. Any steps forward are positive steps!

Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Update #1

The most impactful note I’d like to share with you is that since the Spring 2019 newsletter, I’ve finished up the three-draft-novel-monster that I’ve been working tirelessly at for just over a year now. 

Yes! You read me right! The first drafts are now complete!

While this was a major milestone for someone who hadn’t ever hit such a milestone before, it was celebration worthy. It’s always good when you can say that you finished something.

Although, I’m also not exactly saying that either. Now that the roughs are scratched out, it’s time to edit!

Update #2

I’m 40% through the edit of the first novel of the three-headed-hydra-novelcopter!

It’s been interesting switching gears and using mostly left brain in my writing when I’ve spent over a year using right brain for it. In doing so, I’ve discovered that it’s much easier for me to get several more hours of work done at a time than I normally would have when grinding out rough word count. Only having been a month since I finished the roughs and a huge life transition occurring right in the middle of this first edit means that I should be able to have this initial round of edits for all three books done by the time I post another newsletter. 

Which brings me to my next update…

Update #3

I’ll soon be searching for interested parties to read through my heart-forged works. After the rest of the remaining 60% of the edit is done, the first novel will be available for review from select individuals who would like to become part of the testing phase.

If you’d like to beta read these stories, please feel free to contact me through the contact page and let me know that you’d like to join the list of exclusive people who get to see the novels first. I may not choose everyone who submits a request, but I will try my best to have a good-sized list of those who are genuinely interested and are willing to produce feedback.

Update #4

In a further effort to brand myself, I’ve solidified a professional emailing system to keep those who are genuinely and unequivocally interested in my work that you haven’t seen yet. I’m not quite finished with it yet and it isn’t up and running. For the time being, I have to say that I’d like for you to sign up for this mailing list, but you can’t. 

Does that make you want to sign up even more? I hope so.

They were subject the re-branding process that I utilized my new name font and logo for. Subscribing to my email list will provide several benefits that you will otherwise not receive. You’ll be the first to learn about writing-related things I have coming ashore. You’ll read about fun things that are happening in my life that aren’t related to writing, but tend to be more on the interesting side. You’ll become part of a unique community, tentatively titled the ‘Mana Tribe’, where everyone who has joined can interact and participate together to rally around my projects. 

A few of the ways that this can happen is that you will become eligible to post your own fiction to my Medium publication, Tales Around the Mana Pool, and join the matching Facebook group. The benefits within the Facebook group will be expanded as the community surrounding my work increases. 

Hopefully that provides some solid motivation to sign up. 

Once I make it available, that is. 

Eventually, these newsletters might even become part of the list to keep updates exclusive for those who really want to see them. Who knows? We’ll see what happens as things move along.

Update #5

For anyone who’s been following me for any amount of time, you probably know that I’m a fan of Brandon Sanderson and his work. One thing that he does each year is write a post about the creative things that he did throughout that year. I’ve heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I’ve decided that I love that idea as well.

So I’d like to compile a similar list for you!

Coming soon, I’ll be posting what I did creatively throughout 2018. I haven’t yet decided if it will be quite as extensive as Brandon’s State of the Sanderson. If I find the people become interested in it, I imagine it will be. This first one will probably be more simple just to get a feel for it and because it’s in the middle of the year as kind of a reward to myself for doing this for an entire year. Future posts of this type will likely fall in December as Brandon’s does in order to end on a proper note and usher in the new year.

I think that’s it!

The writing ride has been a crazy one and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this beginning phase of it. I know that I’ve said this several times throughout these newsletters and various other posts, but if you stick with me, I promise that someday, you will read something that I’ve written. It seems unreal. Maybe I’ve been tricking you this entire time and I’m just pretending in some sort of cruel ruse to get you to formulate an interest in my life…

It’s a good thing that I’m not doing that, and that I really am writing things. 

Someday, you’ll know this. As per the usual, I make this promise to you with complete integrity. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Update #6

I’ve printed off the short story that I mentioned to you, like, a year ago, and several times since then, so that I can red line it. After a round of editing and beta reading, I’ll have it posted so that you have something to munch on while you wait for this extensive trifecta of epic fantasy noveliciousness. 

Stay at the ready! Things are going to pick up quickly, and you’ll be reading sooner than the last time I said that!

Have a great summer, and see you in the fall for another collection of updates! 

(I feel that I have to speak to you as if I won’t be posting until the next newsletter, but I will be. If it sounds dumb when I say it like that, please let me know. I like to look less dumb.)

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