• Ricky Argenbright

Time Freeze


It is difficult to describe how much I desire for my content to be available for you. We're in an interesting phase of the process, where I am relaying to you that I am working on projects, but there is no proof that I am even writing, let alone pushing out the amount that I am displaying here on the website. At this moment in time, I am writing at a pace of about 50,000 words a month. I feel that it is a very productive number, considering I also have a full time job with overtime. I promise that the content is coming, so drink your mana potions and prepare your spells so that you are ready to go when the battle calls.

I realize how it must look, and this is my formal apology. If you are skeptical, I do not blame you. Do me a favor, though. Keep your eyes on the progress meters and check back regularly. Perhaps you may change your mind about how you feel.

If you are patiently waiting, I am right there with you! My heart and soul are being poured into these projects, and I am very excited to reveal them to the world. Give it time, and eventually these projects will be breathing life before you know it.

Thank you for keeping tabs on my work. It just adds another layer of motivation to the stack for me to get these books done and into your hands!

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