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Winter Newsletter | 2019

Winter Newsletter | 2019

Is winter still winter without winter during winter?

Salutations from the southern California sun!

With only a few days here and there that are even remotely reminiscent of a true holiday season like I had in Kansas, I still feel compelled to remember family togetherness and the Lord’s birthday as if these special times were happening under threat of an evergreen-scented blizzard anyway. Beach volleyball temperatures can’t take away the importance of the season and the act of remembering it with fervency as we attempt to wind down and relax with loved ones at year’s end.

I have a special update! The edits for my first mega-novel-turned-trilogy are finally complete!

It’s taken so long that I never thought it would get done, but the time has come. Other life happenings cannot keep me down! No more shall I say ‘first book draft’ this or ‘first book edit’ that. From now on, it’ll be ‘first book agent’ something or ‘first book publisher’ whatever. It’ll be great. 

It has been quite a process, but I’m so excited to start my fourth novel that I can hardly contain it. In fact, I’ve already begun.

Two ideas have primarily consumed my attention at the moment. Both will get done eventually, but I’m having trouble deciding which to continue forward with. So, I started writing both of them. I’m hoping that sometime in the near future one of them will decide it’s needy and will capture my entire focus. If that doesn’t happen, I may have settled myself into writing several books at once like I did the first time. 

I sure hope not… talk about exhausting.

In other news, I’ve got another Ricky’s Writing Recap coming soon. 2019 was a heavy year for weaving plots and figuring out how well (or how terribly) I severed this book into three parts while retaining some sort of sense across the trilogy. So far the damage seems to have been minimal. I still have polishing to do as I stated earlier, but things are looking buttery smooth. (Without the butter though. Butter is gross. Mayo too.) I’ve already begun transferring my notes from the year into the document and will take the rest of the month to expand them in details that you might find interesting. Hopefully it will give you some insight into my process and the progress that I’m looking forward to in the near future!

My short story, Shielded Deception, is sitting on the desk of someone important at Writers of the Future as I write this newsletter to you. It’s a frightening thought when I let it stew. The first story I’ve ever released to the public is being read by some of the most prestigious minds in the business. What a privilege! For those that are unfamiliar with the contest, the closing date is at the end of the month. Sometime next month is when we’ll hear back and I’ll be sure to let you know how it went. 

All in all it’s been a fantastic year! A lot of firsts, including conventions, meeting my silent mentor, three completed novels ready to head down the rough road to publishing and several short stories under the belt. I've already researched the conventions I'll be attending next year as well. Perhaps I might even get an events page up and running, just in case there are a few mana-crazed psychos out there who decide they want to chill with an author who doesn't have any books.

Sounds pretty lame.

Lots of work done, but there is still so much to do. The forest only gets deeper the further I venture in.

Thank you for sticking around. A little over a year and a half that I’ve been doing this with nothing for anyone to read and I find myself surprised that anyone at all is interested. Stay with me and keep that dedication that I find so admirable in the forefront of your mind. Eventually, we will be discussing book-related things together and we won’t have to talk about how I’m writing with no proof!

With that, I’m out. 2019’s Ricky’s Writing Recap will be the last post until 2020. If you want to connect with me, I’m usually floating around the internet somewhere. My keyboard is not my only friend. I like real friends too. 

But not butter. Butter and I don’t hang.

Just in case you missed the Twitter post… boom. The next post of progress will be a different color. What do you think might be coming in future books of the series? I'll leave that mystery to you, and probably won't give you an answer for a while. Whoops.

Alright. Peace out for reals.

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